What is a Search Engine? How Search Engines work?

Hello, friends in this post we will know about what is search engine and how it works. Friends, you know search engines can tell you everything about your website. Most of all bloggers are using a search engine to see our site’s health. what is search engine optimization.

Friends we do SEO to reach the top of Search Engines. But do you know how Search Engines work?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are all popular search engines.

The popularity of search engines can be gauged from the fact that whenever there is a need for information, we go to Google and search for it. what is a search engine, what is search engine optimization

What is Search Engine?

A search engine is a program that searches the user-searched steps on the Internet and returns all kinds of information similar to those terms for the user on the SERP (search engine result page). 

Almost all types of search engines use the WWW (World Wide Web) to find information.

What is a Search Engine? How Search Engines work
What is a Search Engine? How Search Engines work

The way the search engine works is a bit complicated which is difficult for the average person to understand. In this article, we will try to explain it to you in very easy language.

A web search engine continuously scans all websites on the Internet and collects and stores all information on the website. When a user searches or steps any keyword in the search bar, the search engine gives the user all the information matching the keyword.

I hope you have come to know about the work of search engines in simple language.

So let’s now understand a little bit about how Search Engine works.

How do Search Engines work?

Search engines collect a lot of information, organize it properly, and when asked, the user displays as a result.

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Whenever you type something in the Google search box, within seconds we get lots of results.

Today, Google’s search engine is very popular.

Google has designed its software program very well so that users get the best results. I remember when I was in school and I had to make a project on Indian culture. I first went to the library to gather information. 

And the library in charge very quickly removed the related book and gave it to me.

There are many books in the library, but still, they are organized very differently.

Similarly, there is a lot of information online as well.

Search engines collect all that information, organize and rank it and give it to their users when asked.

Search engines work in 3 stages –

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Retrieval
  • Search Engines do Crawling:

He goes to a web page and follows the links on it, second, then third, etc.

In this way online collects information on all web pages. 

Whenever you create a new website, submit it to the search engine.

What is a Search Engine? How Search Engines work
What is a Search Engine? How Search Engines work

Search engine optimization requires that whenever you create a new website, you must submit it to the search engine.

And the sitemap of your website should also be given to search engines,

So that crawlers can gather the information on our website properly and add ads to their database.

  • Indexing:

After collecting information, add this information to your database.

All collected information is analyzed and ranked. That is, in which case in SERP (search engine result page) thousands of web pages are to be shown.

This process is called sequencing. what is search engine, what is search engine optimization

Each search engine has its own rules (algorithms) based on which rankings are decided.

If we talk about Google, there are about 200 factors, based on which all web pages are analyzed and ranked.

Example – Of Search engine

If I type white house in Google, the White House is written in the title, description, and URL of the websites that come to the top.

This is because while ranking, Google search considers the title, description, and URL of the web page as very important factors. Also, more things that determine our ranking in Google’s search results.


  • How old is our website?
  • Quality of the information given on it?
  • How many websites link to that webpage? (Backward)
  • These are all things that indicate to Google which web page to show in which position.
  • Retrieval:

In this step, the user’s query is understood and all the results related to it are displayed. Whenever we type within a few seconds in Google’s search box, all the information related to it is available online, it shows us in its search results.

Burglary of search engines (search engine Types):

Web-based search engine:

Those web sites have been taken into it. Where there is a facility to search the website. These websites have their own database server.

By which they can give the desired web site URL to the user. With the help of their Spider program, they find the web site and put their link in their database. Search engine

Web directories:

Unlike search engine software, web directories store links to websites in their directories that are assigned to keep them.


The category of a hybrid may include websites that have properties from both search engines and web directories. That is, they actively search the entire WWW (world wide web) and also have their own directory, from which they can also do their search.

Type of Search Engine 

All the search engines that we use are all different types, which are explained to you further 

Common Search Engine

A common search engine is one that searches subject-related information. This search engine is used for a particular search, it shows us the same results that we have searched for, it is also called a crawler-based search engine.

Meta Search Engine 

Meta Search engine shows user-searched queries on multiple search engines at the same time and this search engine also removes duplicate files, this saves users time and also gives users lots of information in one place. A search engine facility is also available.

Specific Search Engine

Only information related to a specific topic is searched on these search engines. The field of searching for them is also limited.

So these were the types of search engines, these different types of search engines work differently.

What happens when someone searching for anything in a Search Engine?

When a search query is entered into a search engine by a user, the pages considered to be relevant are identified from all indexes and an algorithm is used to classify the relevant pages into a set of results. is.

The algorithms used to rank the most relevant results differ for each search engine. For example, a page that ranks highly for search queries in Google may not rank high for similar queries in Bing.

In addition to search queries, search engines use other relevant data to display results, including:

Location – Some searches depend on the query location, e.g. ‘Hotel near me’ ‘Multiplex’.

Language – The search engine will return results in the user’s language if it can be detected.

Previous Search History – Search engines will return different results for queries based on what was previously searched for users.

Device – Depending on the device from which the query was performed, a different set of results may be returned. what is search engine, what is search engine optimization.

Note: Today, the Google search engine is most commonly used. Because Google found us by finding the right answer to the keyword we searched. Therefore you should also use google. So that you can get answers to all your questions correctly.

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Conclusion: About What is search engine?

After doing whatever search, the user provides all the information related to it online very quickly.

All search engines work in this way – gather information, analyze it, and rank it and show results to the user when asked. 

I sincerely hope that you will know what is Search Engine is and how it works. Full information about the search engine has been obtained by reading the article. 

I try my best to answer all your questions in this post. 

Friends if you still have any questions and suggestions for us, comment us. It is my endeavor at all times that I keep writing posts full of such information for you.

what is search engine, what is search engine optimization

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