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Top 9 signs that your child may have Autism


Here are some hints that may indicate that your baby is on the spectrum by the age of six months. Signs and symptoms will vary as to the severity of symptoms. Be sure to monitor your child’s development, and consult your doctor if you have any concerns. It is necessary to note that autism in infants is characterized by a lack of normal behavior rather than the presence of strange behavior.

1. Delayed motor development

Some infants are suspected of developmental delay soon after birth due to abnormal muscle tone and feeding problems. Some children may not be able to crawl normally or may learn to walk too late. In other children, developmental delay is suspected much later when behavioral and learning difficulties emerge. Developmental delay can appear in the following forms:

• A child appears very floppy
• The muscles appear very tight, the legs are kept very low or without any movement.
• problem holding their head
• Inability to roll for 6 months
• Inability to sit on the floor without support for 8 months
• Failure to crawl for 12 months
• Failure to walk independently for 18 months

2. Recovered Behaviour

Does your child sit or stand in an unusual position? Will your child engage in repetitive behavior such as tightening of his arms, arms or legs? Do they display unusual body movements such as moving a hand on his wrist?

3. Lack of GESTURING

Does your child gesture to communicate with objects or people? Does the child reach for his hand, point, or things? It is a milestone that usually reaches 9 or 10 months of age.

4. Keeping completely

Does your child cuddle or make noise to get your attention? Is the child raised near you? Uninterested in seeking the attention or relationship of a loved one can be a problem for your child in the end related to others.


Does your child have limited eye contact with you and other loved ones? Do they follow things? When the child grows up an early indicator, it is that they face a severe lack of eye contact, as it is a form of communication and understanding.


Does your baby not conform to his name from 6 to 12 months of age? Parents who can find this in their child are often worried that it may be hearing loss and are unaware it can be a sign of autism. If you behave this way in your child, be sure to monitor the signs and consult a doctor.

7. Admission to child rearing and coaching

Is your baby “baby talk” and mumbling or cohabiting? Will they do it often? Your child should usually reach this milestone by 12 months.

8. Rare classification of social boundary

Some rare imitations of social cues are made to make your child mimic the voices and movements of others? Will they share forward and backward expressions? The rare mockery of voice, laughter, smile, and facial expressions by the age of 9 months is an early indicator of autism.

9. Lack of SMILING

Does your child smile at you when you give them a warm, joyful smile? Does your child smile automatically? By the age of 6 months, your baby should give you a big smile or a happy gesture


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