Introduction to Food And Nutrition


Nutrition is required if exercising’s benefits are to be attained and should go hand. During a workout, the rate of that and process increases burns a lot of calories up. Which implies that there’s depletion of our levels of energy and therefore must be replaced by adequate nutrition.


 While exercising, there is raise in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates. They in cases where the character is to construct the muscles and all must be replaced, will need that amino acid sources are ingested to permit muscle construction triggered off by the exercise’s speed. The body will take energy amount that is sufficient from carbohydrates to power and needs increase the level of process.

Foods that are proteinous will provide the amino acids. Every of these including anti-oxidants such as vitamins C and E micro nutrients such as chromium and B vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium and calcium will be essential at quantities. The level of process releases free radicals and therefore, increase mop up activity will be essential by oxidants.


 You’ll have to drink more water than you do. You loss insensible and fluid from sweat loses due to increase respiration, so you dehydrated during exercising. This frequently leads to heat stroke, hypovolemic shock, renal stone formation etc. So you may need a great deal of water to cool down the exothermic reaction that’s taking place within your body.

There’s virtually a rise in every chemical reaction within the body.  You’ll have to intake the heart with Sufficient vitamins like B and C, oxygen along with other nutrients to make sure that the electrical activities in the heart continue to meet up the new demands.


More sodium along with potassium ions influx along with the outflow and nutritional intake should be such that may meet up with these activities. Before or after exercises, adequate carb which is the main energy source for physical activities should be taken.

If you wish to do so before an exercise, you need to allow time for adequate digestion to occur and commence when the food is no longer much from the stomach to avoid Angina as flow of blood is more to the abdomen organs thus depriving the heart. Preferably, we should eat following a good rest after workout paying attention to the needs of the body.


For athletes, wrestlers, boxers along with other sports people, that strong grip and balance in the legs can’t be developed if exercises aren’t properly complemented by good nutrition. For a strong grip, the muscles of the hands need to grow bigger along with stronger, the leg muscles Need to grow bigger too for balance, along with the bones aren’t going to be strong enough without adequate calcium supply from a diet high in fruits, fish and milk.

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