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Cosmetic Treatments For Ageing Skin


Skin changes over time for many reasons. Hormone factors play a role, but external influences such as exposure to the sun can damage elastin and cause pigmentation, smoking will damage cells that can lead to premature wrinkles, and repeated facial movements will eventually cause lines and wrinkles to appear. Other factors such as genes may also play their role.

Aging causes the skin to change because:

  • Over time our skin loses collagen
  • Loss of elastin in the skin can cause skin irritation
  • Hyaluronic acid production decreases
  • The skin becomes clearer as the epidermis begins to become thinner
  • Inflammation of the skin becomes difficult
  • The loss of volume causes the thick and deep layers of the lower face to slide down the face

Over time the skin produces less moisture and the dryness begins to penetrate. As a result of aging, we also lose a lot of volume around the cheeks, temples, chin and the area around the eye and this often results in dull, bloated skin
It doesn’t matter how well we care for our skin, or how much it changes the way we take care of it, sometimes that’s not enough, and we should consider a few cosmetic interventions.

There are three stages to help keep the skin looking younger and healthier:

 Remedies– especially age-related areas such as sun spots and freckles, scratch scars, fine lines and acne – treatments with microdermabrasion and chemical treatments can help with these symptoms.

Nutrition – keeping the skin hydrated, rejuvenating collagen and maintaining skin elasticity will all help keep skin looking younger and healthier – hermuronic acid dermal filters keep skin looking hydrated, hydrated and will replace lost volume. Botox can relieve fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Prevention – protecting the skin with a UV sun screen will protect against aging skin, sun spots and future skin problems – Sun creams, moisturizers and serums will help protect your skin and keep you in good condition.

We should aim for simple skin care regimens, because a solid skin care process doesn’t have to take many hours of your time. In fact good skin care should include: a good facial cleanser, exfoliating, using an effective moisturizer, serum for your specific skin type and basic sunscreen protection. A simple ten-minute process is usually enough.


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