Best Push Pull Workout Plan To Build Muscle And Blast Fat 100% working

Push pull workout: Is your body getting out of shape? Are you trying hard to and getting No Results, Wondering if there is something wrong with the training method? Well here is the solution to all your problems, Have you ever heard of a method that is equally effective for weight gain and weight loss.

100% working Push Pull Workout To Build Muscle And Blast Fat

100% working Push Pull Workout To Build Muscle And Blast Fat (1)
100% working Push Pull Workout To Build Muscle And Blast Fat (1)

Here I am talking about Push Pull Workout. Now let us know how Push Pull Workout works do.

    • For weight loss >> it is highly effective as the whole concentration is on building the muscles, thus melting away the fat as the muscles grow.
    • For weight Gain >> rather I will better say it as Muscle Gain, If you have a lean body and want to gain muscle mass the push pull workout is the best method as here we work for only 3 days a week and that too alternatively so leaving in big gaps of rest for muscles to grow and absorb muscle mass.

It does not matter if you have heard of this workout method of training ever before or not, because today we are going to tell you all the ins and outs of this workout method.

As the name suggests Push Pull workout will target a definite group of muscles according to their mechanism i.e. Pushing and Pulling.

There are basically two groups of muscle one being Push Muscles and the other being Pull muscles.

    • Push workout – All the muscles responsible for pushing an object away from the body are categorized into one group and worked upon a single day. The movement is generally outward and away from the body involving lengthening of muscles.  
    • Pull workout- Under this category the muscles responsible for pulling a weight inward in the direction of the body. It involves the contraction of muscles.
    • Leg workout- involves workout of the lower body.

Push Pull workout Routine Days:

Days Push Pull workout Routine
Monday Pull Workout, Deadlifts, Close Grip Chin, Bent Over Rows, Wide Grip Cable, Barrel
Tuesday Cardio
Wednesday Push Workout, Flat Barrel Bench>>3/8, Incline Dumbbell>>2/10, Standing Militar, 3/6, Wide Grip >>2/12, Narrow Grip >>2/3.,Cable Push Up>>2/12
Thursday Cardio
Friday Leg Workout,Squat>>2,12, Leg press>>3/6, Stiff leg deadlift>>2/12, Leg Extension>>2/15
Satur day Rest Day

This is just a basic plan; you can always alter it according to your needs. Just pick any three exercises from the third column and adjust the number of sets and repetition according to your strength.

Alternative Method:

In case this routine is hard to follow then One can even try an alternative workout regime.

One can do both the pull/push workout on the same day for 3 to 4 days a week. To beginners, I will suggest sticking to 3 days of workout a week. Though there are 6 days a week plans available.
But those are not highly recommendable until or unless you are into professional muscle building Competitions.  If you are interested in doing both then push and pull exercises on the same day, you have to do a push exercise and right after this do a pull exercise. In this manner, you will be working out on both the set of muscles avoiding injury.

All you need to do is, pick the right amount of weight that your body is comfortable with and at the same time, it should be challenging enough. Then lift it from time to time and reach your desired goal of repetitions.


Is push pull workout effective???

    • Yes, it is one of the most effective methods of training in the following manner.As the muscle part of the body grows, the posture of the body improves.
    • Muscle development will result in a gain of strength over lethargy and confidence over shabbiness.
    • The proper alignment gained by the body will keep away many problems such as back pain, cervical, etc.

Well, all this was for Gym Lovers but what if you are avoiding gym, reason may be any Covid-19, time constraint, busy schedule?

Here is an easy guide to how you can set Up a Home Gym in No Time?

Step No 1. Lay down a floor. You can use Foam interlocking Tiles. Follow the link to buy nice flooring for your gym

Step No 2. Add weights. You need to add weights from lower weight categories to higher ones. Yes, it is. important to add gradual weights to your gym as all different weights are required to work on different parts of the body.

Post for you:

Step No 3. Set Up a Pull Up Bar.

Step No 5. Adjust Mirror according to your need. (Mirror plays a major role in motivating and keeping a track of your progress)

Step No 6. Apparel and shoes. It is very important to wear the right kind of shoes while training as the whole body weight is over your feet and shoes support well during lifting weights.

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