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5 Common Habits That Promote Your Eczema Itching

Humans are full of all kinds of habits, while some may do you good, many of them can promote the eczema itching, worsening the symptoms already present on your skin.

Here are 5 common habits that most people create, but either don’t know or don’t feel that it is giving them extra itching. They don’t know where they came from.

1. prolonged under water

The longer you stay under water, the more natural oils are going to leak from your body, and as you get out of that place, there is very little moisture in your skin.

Prolonged activity underwater means you should not:

– Swim in swimming pools or beaches
– Any spa, relaxation pool … etc.
– no shower or long shower
– No water based games or any activities

2. High-intensity physical activities

High intensity sports and work is a big problem because you sweat like rain.

The problem is, when you sweat too much, the existing sweat on your skin traps the pores of your skin, which irritates the tissues, because at the same time there is an attempt to flush out new sweat, but they do not Can, so sweat glands are formed. Blocked.

Essentially this means that itching occurs until you block it.

3. Shower incorrectly

First of all, as mentioned earlier, no one takes a bath because it will remove too much oil and moisture from your skin.

For the same concept, never bathe for more than 10 minutes maximum.

And, never bathe in hot water, no matter how cold the temperature, only bathe in the coldest water. If you can’t really adjust it at the beginning, then go for lukewarm.

4. Psychosocial Stress

Stress plays a big role in your itching, it has been clinically researched and proven that the more stressed a person is under stress, the weaker their skin becomes a protective barrier, and that means more itching.

There are many ways to relieve stress, the simple and effective trick that I personally use is to take deep breaths.

  • Close your eyes and forget about what is happening.
  • Inhale slowly through your nose and expand your bowels.
  • Breathe as much as you can so that you feel that your lungs are expanding.
  • Hold the breath for 3 seconds.
  • Exhale slowly through your mouth and close in your intestine.
  • Repeat 3-5 times as needed.
  • It really works, and it is convenient.

5. Amount of sleep

Sleep eczema also has a direct relationship with itching, the more deprived you are of sleep, the worse your skin will become.


Try hypnosis, acupressure or massage to improve the quality of your sleep. And make sure you sleep every day for example at 11pm and after about 8-9 hours you wake up according to the sleeping requirements of your age.


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